Private Branding Sessions

Private Brand Coaching will define your mission and voice, create a brand statement that can act as a base for all your business decisions. In 4-weeks we will develop the following: 

Target Market– create avatars for the perfect client, marketing will be designed to reach that clientele. 

Mission- What is the object or mission of your brand, what are you bringing to the world? Having a mission is extremely important because it gives your business a sense of direction and clarity about what to do and how to manage day-to-day decisions.

Voice- Pick the voice that speaks your vision a feeling an emotion, is it, sleek or romantic, fancy or sexy, traditional or ultra-hip… pick out images that speak to you on Pinterest and get a feel for the style that speaks to you/your brand. Utilizing Pinterest boards we will work up the right voice. 

Colors- Here is where the brand starts to take form, just like the voice you need to search out the colors that represent your brand vision, mission. Learning about the meaning of colors and what to pick that best represent your brand for digital, print, etc. 

Logo- This picking your ‘initial’ logo. And deciding on the subbrands and how to morph the logos into a family. 

Website- Structuring the design of the site to be user-friendly, brand consistent and growable.  

Style Blueprint This has many names, style guides, design briefs, the purpose is to outline the function and aesthetics of all the brand components. This is a huge help for your marketing team and will make using your brand and keeping it aligned much easier. 

Blogging- How to best use this tool and expanding into guest blogs for more visibility and professional credibility.

Social Media– Choosing which platform you and your clients use the most and then focusing on just that. Doing on social media all the way is better than dabbling in all of them. 

Calendar- Planning is everything, we will create a 12-month promo-plan which will schedule out all media and blogging needs. 

Intensive Private Branding Package

Element Week 1 (4-hour meeting Confidence)

  • Brand Concept
  • Target Market
  • Mission Statement
  • Voice

Element Week 2 (4-hour meeting Decision)

  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Style Blueprint 

Element Week 3 (2-hour meeting Do)

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Collateral Brochures, Forms & Email signatures
  • Promo Gifts

Element Week 4 (2-hour meeting Consistancy)

  • Calendar

Unlimited email and text access for 4 weeks + plus a free ticket to TrueSelf Branding Day


(payment plan available)

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