4 Month Private Branding Pack


Private Brand 4 month pack one-time payment ($3600) will define your mission and voice, create a brand statement that can act as a base for all your business decisions.



Stop Being a Brand-in-Waiting, Queen—Crown Your Business

Private Brand Coaching will refresh and refocus your brand. If you’ve had a brand for a while and you’ve evolved, but your brand has not, it’s time for an empathetic update. This 4-month intensive Private Brand Coaching will get your brand action-ready. Crowning your brand with the benevolent queenly energy that encourages business growth. Like getting a limo ride, your direction, and your destination are managed by a professional. Do you wait to make decisions that would move your brand forward? Do you think doing nothing is better than doing something wrong?

Imagine having a hand-held walkthrough on all the twists and turns to rebrand or start up a new brand so you don’t get lost. I will guide you through the steps to get your brand ready to show the world. You need a confident driver to coordinate your ideas, everything from logos, colors, mission, web design, and the social media puzzle parts. It’s always better with a limo ride!

All Queens have a silver tea set.

It takes a lot of polish to keep it gleaming. So does your brand. Here is what we’ll polish:

Mission- A mission statement is extremely important because it gives your business a sense of direction and clarity about what to do.

Audience– understand exactly who your perfect client is. If you sell to everyone you sell to no one… we will narrow your audience into a specific tribe who will be happy to follow you.

Style- Pick a style that speaks your vision as a feeling or emotion, is it: sleek or romantic, fancy or sexy, traditional or ultra-hip… pick out images that speak to that style to express your brand.

Colors- Learn the meaning of colors and how to pick the ones that best represent your brand, and how to incorporate them into all you do!

Logo- Is the crowning glory! Finding the best version for your brand, how to get it designed, and how to let it evolve.

Make The Tea
Just like making tea for the queen, you need the right ingredients at the right time to make it all come together beautifully.

Website- Structuring the design and pages of your site to be user-friendly, brand consistent, and growable.

Style Blueprint- No matter what you call it, style guide, design brief, or brand elements, its purpose is to outline the aesthetics of all components, keeping your brand aligned.

Social Media– Choosing the right platforms you and your clients use and then using them the best way. Create the know, like, and trust engagement that social media requires.

Blog/Email- Ideas and prompts that express your brand and how to best use both as direct informational tools to your benefit.

Calendar- Planning makes everything easier. We’ll create a 6-12 month plan that encompasses your brand promotion.

PLUS + Your branding Fairy Godmother will be with you with unlimited email and text access during and 2 months after coaching.