4 Month Private Branding (monthly)


Private Brand 4 month package ($895 per mo.) will define your mission and voice, create a brand statement that can act as a base for all your business decisions.



This 4-month intensive Private Brand Coaching will get your brand action-ready.

If you’ve had a brand for a while and you’ve evolved and grown but your brand has not been updated, then this is for you. Believe me, I understand, getting your website launched, your social media profiles set up, and perhaps have you’ve blogged or sent an email or two but you are so busy with your business and clients and haven’t had the time (or energy) to update your brand.

Problems & Solutions

Here’s the problem with that, you don’t have a focus and are leaving money on the table. Clarifying your target market, mission and your visual representation will make your brand clearer and the ability to decipher what your market really needs easier. We will re-invent and streamline your brand, your look, and your social media plan. Why 4 months? Because it will require some effort and energy from you. Only you can decide when we move forward at each hurdle. When complete, you will have the plans in your hand to activate, quite literally, you will have social media examples, you will have images, templates, calendars, and a renewed energy because now, even you believe in your brand. You will know what steps to take, and if needed I can connect you to the right experts to assist.

Knowing exactly what you want is a huge benefit when logistically planning how to approach all the updates in an economical manner. Yes, I understand as solopreneurs, watching your budget is the responsible thing to do. How will you grow your business if you don’t evolve? What effective changes will you make in the next 4 months? Or will you just be 4 months down the road thinking about what you could do…

We will develop the following:

Target Market– create avatars for the perfect client, marketing will be designed to reach that clientele.

Mission- What is the object or mission of your brand, what are you bringing to the world? Having a mission is extremely important because it gives your business a sense of direction and clarity about what to do and how to manage day-to-day decisions. We will weave that mission into your message.

Voice- Pick the voice that speaks your vision a feeling an emotion, is it, sleek or romantic, fancy or sexy, traditional or ultra-hip… pick out images that speak to you on Instagram & Pinterest and get a feel for the style that speaks to you/your brand.

Colors- Here is where your brand starts to take form, just like the voice you need to search out the colors that represent your brand vision, mission. Learning about the meaning of colors and what to pick that best represents your brand for digital, print, etc., and how to incorporate them into all you do!

Logo- This picking your ‘initial’ logo. And deciding on the subbrands and how to morph the logos into a family.

Website- Structuring the design of the site to be user-friendly, brand consistent, and growable. Includes the all-important About page!

Style Blueprint- This has many names, style guides, design briefs, or brand elements, the purpose is to outline the function and aesthetics of all your brand components. This is a huge help for you and your marketing team. It will make using your brand and keeping it aligned much easier.

Blogging- How to best use this direct selling tool and expanding into guest blogs for more visibility and professional credibility.

Social Media– Choosing which platform you and your clients use the most and then focusing on that. Learning the best ways to show up and engage with your followers to get like, and trust credibility.

Calendar- Planning is everything, we will create a 12-month promo plan that will schedule everything.

Element Month 1 (4-hour meeting Confidence)

  • Brand Concept
  • Target Market
  • Mission Statement
  • Voice

Element Month 2 (4-hour meeting Decision)

  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Style Blueprint

Element Month 3 (2-hour meeting Do)

  • Blogging
  • Social Media – (yeah this is huge)

Element Month 4 (2-hour meeting Consistancy)

  • Calendar
  • Collateral, Brochures, Forms & Email signatures
  • Promo Gifts

Unlimited email and text access during and 2 months after coaching.

$895/mo = Total $3850

Save $250 and buy the pack for $3330

Check out Laura’s Testimonial about this product!

I originally reached out to Michelle of True Self Branding to help me improve my elevator pitch and she was not only able to help me speak clearly and effectively about what makes my company unique but she also delivered a complete brand deck that I’m using to revamp all of my digital communications. I’d found myself getting stuck on how to speak to what seemed like two different audiences, our clients and our team members and she helped me gain both the clarity and confidence to fully embrace our unique value. I look forward to a great year in a large part due to Michelle’s guidance!