4 Month Private Branding (monthly)


Private Brand 4 month package ($995 per mo.) will define your mission and voice, create a brand statement that can act as a base for all your business decisions.



Stop Being a Brand-in-Waiting, Queen—Crown Your Business

Private Brand Coaching will refresh and refocus your brand. If you’ve had a brand for a while and you’ve evolved, but your brand has not, it’s time for an empathetic update. This 4-month intensive Private Brand Coaching will get your brand action-ready. Crowning your brand with the benevolent queenly energy that encourages business growth. Like getting a limo ride, your direction, and your destination are managed by a professional. Do you wait to make decisions that would move your brand forward? Do you think doing nothing is better than doing something wrong?

Imagine having a hand-held walkthrough on all the twists and turns to rebrand or start up a new brand so you don’t get lost. I will guide you through the steps to get your brand ready to show the world. You need a confident driver to coordinate your ideas, everything from logos, colors, mission, web design, and the social media puzzle parts. It’s always better with a limo ride!

$995/mo = Total $3980

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Unlimited email and text access during and 2 months after coaching.

Check out Laura’s Testimonial about Private Coaching!

I originally reached out to Michelle of True Self Branding to help me improve my elevator pitch and she was not only able to help me speak clearly and effectively about what makes my company unique but she also delivered a complete brand deck that I’m using to revamp all of my digital communications. I’d found myself getting stuck on how to speak to what seemed like two different audiences, our clients and our team members and she helped me gain both the clarity and confidence to fully embrace our unique value. I look forward to a great year in a large part due to Michelle’s guidance!