What happens if you relax?

I want to start a whole new movement to relax. Seriously. It is a known fact that good ideas, great ideas come to you when you are in the shower, looking out a train window, or walking in a park. This sounds all airy-fairy and woo-woo. But it is true. Now is a perfect time to relax. Yeah, it doesn’t matter what the date on the calendar says, NOW is the best time. This whole ‘rise and grind’ thing is not conducive to getting, growing, and implementing good ideas. Stop the madness of busy busy busy. It is cooler, way cooler to take the time to think about your goal, purpose, or creativity.

This applies to everyone and everything… it doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer or a real estate agent, a coach, or a yoga instructor. Taking a RELAX break will let your brain start to solve the big issues you are juggling in your life. What does this have to do with branding? Everything! Taking a step away from the constant pushing can give you new insight, or a better product offer.

During covidee-times we had to slow down and wait. Now that things are kinda back to normal you might feel like you need to get out there and do all the things. However, we did learn something from that sourdough starter period of time. It is ok to sit back and relax. There is so much we cannot change. There is so much we ‘could’ do. There is so much guilt for not doing it. My radical idea is to relax.

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