This is NOT a post about bitcoin, real estate, or winning the millionaire lottery.

It is not even a blurb about the Law of Abundance.

Are you living the life you ‘think’ you will have somewhere in the future when you finally reach your millionaire business goals? Solopreneurs often get caught in the work around-the-clock trap. Thinking “I’ve got to do everything, now!” Well, I have something quite shocking to say.

Live it now. 

I do not mean overextending your current budget by buying a Lamborghini, I do mean, buy yourself flowers for your office. I would do that if I were a millionaire. Ok, the flowers I buy now are from Trader Joe’s, I assume a millionaire has them delivered from a swanky floral artist. Nonetheless, I have flowers in the office.

I have often said – someday when I have a team of women working for me I will implement a 30-hour workweek. So you know what I did? I gave myself a 30-hour workweek. My official work hours are 30. Yes, sometimes I do work more. But I am living that 30 hour week now. Hey, I believe I am smart and clever enough to figure out how to do my work in 30 hours. If I’m not I should be doing something else. I have said that before about freelancers, I don’t care if they get the project done in 10 min.

Time does not = money.

All your life experience, education, talent is rolled up into how quickly you can comprehend and effectively produce. The ‘value’ doesn’t come from it taking 100 hours, the value is the final product. Regardless of how long it took.

You’ve heard this story?

A man once interrupted Picasso at his evening meal. Pulling a napkin from his pocket, the man said, “Could you sketch something for me? I’ll pay you for it. Name your price.”

Picasso took a charcoal pencil from his pocket made a rapid sketch of a goat. It took only a few strokes, yet was unmistakably a Picasso. The man reached out for the napkin, but Picasso did not hand it over. “You owe me $100,000,” he said.

The man was outraged. “$100,000? Why? That took you no more than 30 seconds to draw!”

Picasso crumpled up the napkin and stuffed it into his jacket pocket. “You are wrong,” he said, dismissing the man. “It took me 40 years.”

Here You Go.

This is your permission slip to go ahead and make the changes in your life that would match your ‘goal’. Find a way to do them in your current surroundings. (BTW you can find a Lambo to rent for around $700 a day, but what a day baby!)

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