Social- How, Why, How Much, and Where?

These are often the questions that get thrown about when we are talking about …dun dun daaaa Social Media. We all know or are at least aware that you have to show up at least a little on social media if you want your business to have any credibility at all. But it’s weird and you feel uncomfortable thinking you have to get very personal on the platforms. True, you do need to show up as a real person, and yes you need to be quite consistent, but… you don’t have to post anything you don’t want to. If you are an entrepreneur people want to know you because you are your business. Let’s breakdown each of these questions one at a time.


The how – literally, you post. There are several apps you can use that will schedule your posts so you are not tied to the phone as you will need to prep your images, text, etc but at least you can pre-prep a whole month. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Then there is the content creation. The easiest to use for beginners and professionals is Canva. Really, use it. There are templates, images, sizes, everything you need to create a cool social post.


Credibility, visibility, familiarity. People need to see ‘you’ several times before they remember you, get to know your message, and learn about your particular brand. When you look at your phone and do some scrolling, there are tons of posts. If a post finds you at the exact right time, is kind of like a miracle. That is why Mr. Google chases you with ads on stuff you might have looked at once. It is the same concept. If you see it enough you will recognize it and that is all part of the branding process.

How Much

This depends on what you are promoting. If it is a specific product you would have a plan to post multiple times a day because hitting that sweet spot for your target market is all about timing. However, don’t make yourself crazy. If you are just starting out, and you’ve never posted, once a week, for a while is consistency. As you get used to the process you can start to add to your posting. Consistency is more important than how much when you are just getting going. The next level of how much is timing. If you can post on the same day and time, you win even more consistency points!


Who is your target market? What is your business? You should focus your efforts on wherever your target market is hanging out and where you feel most comfortable. But here is the best news – IHMO – pick one and do it right. One social media where you are consistent, show up, and interact is much more powerful than 5 social media that you hit or miss post, not post, etc. Again consistency is key.

  • FaceBook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

Social Media Promises

I believe in organic growth in social media channels. There are no quick fixes, there is no speed-delivery. Social presence takes commitment, time, effort, and patience. Not only do you ‘just’ need to post, but you should also interact. Message back people who are messaging you. Make comments on comments. Show up as a real live person. It’s funny, with all this digital automation, people still are looking for personal connection. This is sort of the 30,000ft overview of social media. What you post is a whole new story! You can get a free 30-minute overview of where you are on your brand, and what you could do next. DM or email me and we’ll set something up! And, speaking of social media consistency…my Facebook Live sessions, Too Many Choices Tuesday every Tuesday at 10 am.

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