Sorry, not sorry.

Do you have a ‘sorry’ habit?

You know what I mean… are you constantly apologizing for things that are not a mistake, or a transgression? If you can’t control the situation or it was a trivial (and honest) mistake, there’s no need to apologize. However, if it really is your fault, own up to it. Admitting you’re wrong is never easy, but it can strengthen your relationships.

All that apologizing can be a little passive-aggressive, instead of saying what you want, you say sorry to let them know they have infringed on your feelings. This really whacks at your confidence, in your head as well as in others’ perceptions of you. Words are an important expression and minimizing yourself with sorry this and that gives you the appearance of someone who is unsure, insecure, bashful, mousy… ok, you get the point. Here are the 3 impacts of saying sorry all the time:

  • Lessens the impact of future sorry’s
  • Generally annoying
  • Lowers your self-esteem

All is not lost. I know that you a confident, clear, and creative entrepreneur. I know that you want to portray yourself and your business as confident, secure, and professional. Choosing the vocabulary that will represent you in the best possible way.

What you can do instead…

Flip the script! Made a mistake, try saying -Thanks for catching that. If someone is impatiently trying to push by, say, Here, let me get out of your way. Want to catch yourself writing sorry in your communication? Google Chrome has a plugin for that! Just Not Sorry will notify you each time you use a word or phrase that undermines your message like, “I’m sorry,” “I’m no expert, but…”. It also has a hover function to give you an explanation of why it might undermine your voice.

Eliminating the ‘sorry’ habit from your communication written or verbal will give you a huge confidence boost. This is awesome for your brand, and for that, I am not sorry!

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