Remember the Mary Poppins song…

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…

Well, I have been spooning sugar all over my TrueSelf Branding event. First, in 2019 was an idea… I strolled into the Addison and planned a wonderful event with lots of momentum, April 2020. You know what happened there. Fast (or slow) forward a year and I bravely rescheduled the event, 2021. Dump more sugar, I am full transparency, I want you to see what solopreneurs go through to create, work and evolve their business. The decision to do a free event is to provide you with all the branding juju I can. I want to support solopreneurs by giving them the best possible information on how to grow their brand. I want to see you on August 20th! Register here for freeSpace is limited to 25 and you must register to attend.

Your branding is your whole business, and if it was easy everyone could do it. And while I am all about being positive and not making things hard, this path as a solopreneur is definitely a journey! With very heavy packs on your back! Deciding what to do next, what to update, what to let ride, sitting down to just take a breath…all top priorities! I am known for just getting through the nitty-gritty. I show up, do what I say I’ll do and that is why I am showing up for you. This free networking event is perfect for any business owner, this is not a “general topics” speech, it is answering your specific questions about your brand. This opportunity to ask and get answers is unique.

Kinda like a private mastermind, with 3 professionals to respond, reply, and help you grow your brand to the next level. I mean, how could you not? Do it, register here…and take a spoonful of sugar!

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