What’s your success story?

Actually…if you’re reading this right now you are a success story! You have a level of success to have electricity, devices, physical abilities and you’re alive to read this. That makes you a HUGE success. You might not feel that way right now because you can laundry list a litany of things that, in your view are failures. I know you think I am one of those super positive people who just blow sunshine and bubbles, I am not. I see things realistically but, and this is a big but… there are two sides to every subject.

All those bad times, mistakes, and upheavals brought you to this minute right now. Somehow success is intertwined with failure. Ah-ha! They are the flip sides to the same coin! Which would logically play out, to have success you have to have a failure, to have failure means you have to have success. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so scary to have a failure because the flip side is a success. That means we all have success stories. Your brand needs to have its success story. Rooted in the mire and muck of the swamp of failure, springs a refreshing fountain of success. Wow, that sounded very esoteric, let’s rephrase, your brands’ story can start at the worst point and evolve to where you are now. Are you still in the climbing out struggle? Even better, that is an ongoing story turning into a success story.

Everyone prefers a story, Stories enchant, capture, and draws people closer. It’s easier to remember a story. It’s also easier for you to talk on the spot about your brand because you can tell the story. Your story doesn’t need to change. Sara Blakely is a great example, her story evolves with time but it’s always the same message. If she is asked to speak, her story is the same, every time. That is also the expectation, it is her niche, she is her brand. You would be disappointed if you showed up at a big conference, she was speaking, and she didn’t tell you her climb to success.

It’s not that hard to create your narrative about your brand. Choose 3 things and throw out the rest. Often we try to shove 10# of ‘stuff’ into a 5# bag. Pare down your details, don’t veer off into side stories. Get a coach to help you create the best possible message. (a nod to Alice for today’s inspiration!) Success if the flip side to failure which means we all have both. Express that, show that, embrace that. It is your success story.

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