What are the right conditions for you to do your best?

Welcome to December and the end of 2020! If you know me, you know I love candy canes. I only officially let myself buy them as of Dec 1. That is my sweet addiction. Today started at 57 degrees which for south Florida is quite cool, but for me, it is my sweet spot. The exactly right temperature for me to feel like I could accomplish anything and everything. Why do we feel like the conditions have to be right to accomplish something?

You can make yourself crazy, the right pen, the right notebook, a new notebook, another notebook. did I mention notebooks? The physical conditions surrounding you must perfectly align with whatever pre-requisite you’ve set up in your head. Did you want to write a book? Then start writing, no conditions needed. Did you want to create a website or landing page, JFD, (just effing do it)? Call that person, do that thing, no matter what the deal is, done is better than not done. There is no perfect condition. Sure if you are sailing a boat, there are better conditions to have a good time. But still, no matter what you can sail. Ah, you say, what if I am at a standstill because of conditions. I am sure that there is some corner you can pull on to get started. Or you wait.

If you need a break and that is why you are claiming the conditions are not right, then take the break but be honest with yourself about the conditions. Today seems like absolutely perfect ideal conditions for me. I have lots of things on my list of projects (notice how carefully I did not call it a to-do list). Maybe you need some inspiration to get started on something. Tell me what your sweet spot is and what conditions are the best and then tell me what you are working on getting done today!

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