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Are you waiting to start your brand? The most often question asked about branding, is how do I start? I always answer, create a mission statement. Without your mission statement, you have no idea where you are or where you’re going. Which results in confusion, wasted time, and money spent. Ick. Who wants that? But here comes relief! I am doing a free 3-day workshop, don’t freak out it is only 30 min! You can watch live or on replay, but you should watch! June 22, 5:00 pm ET, I will be walking you through settling up your mission statement!

Yes! This is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! No one likes or wants to investigate, review and research to create that mission statement, but boy, oh boy once you do, it’s smooth sailing! (mostly) in creating your business, brand, website, social media, courses, and anything else you can think of. We naturally sort of go in a direction, but it is usually too broad and gets diluted. The more specific you are the better your laser focus on the goal! From my vantage point, working with many clients, pinpointing the mission opens the doors to clarity. How good does clarity feel? It feels awesome.

This free workshop will be viewable in the DIY Branding FB group – just click to join! But wait there’s more, once you have your mission statement and you want more, I have a 4 part course to help you along the branding journey. 4 modules with 3 lessons each, you will be able to work out your next branding steps. But wait there’s more…. no really!

The TrueSelf Branding event at The Addison is happening! August 20th, 10-4. For 30 exclusive solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and personal branders, a lavish day and whirlwind event awaits your participation! I love fancy events and I love teaching about branding. There are only 30 spots so it is limited. Look for more info to come about everything happening on that day!

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