Who Doesn’t Love to Save Money?

I have this immediate reaction to that question, I can save by simply not buying anything, but…

The point I am going for is if you do get your branding set, then you will save money, save time and save headaches. Oh yeah, it is a magic pill! Ok, now I know you want all the deets. How does the simple act of defining your brand save anything? When you don’t have a clear path you end up changing your mind a lot (wasting time) and that usually involves some sort of object (that costs money). How many times have you reprinted your business cards because your branding changed or wasn’t right, or you didn’t really like it but needed a card? Sound familiar? Or you spent money on a VA or graphic designer to make some posts for you but it took forever because you couldn’t communicate clearly the feeling in your head and the images kept on missing the mark so you ended up not using them. Eiiik, frustrating for everyone involved.

Aligning, deciding, and specifying your brand gives you a clear, clean path to everything. An added benefit, when you are so clear about your brand your customer will also be clear and guess what gets the sale? Clarity. People love knowing exactly what they are buying. Crystal clear, like water… Defining your brand WILL save you time and money by having the following:

  • Directed social media
  • Specific design style
  • Solid decisions without waffling

Taking the Magic Pill of clarity will save you all that indecision, overspending, and spinning wheel syndrome. There are several ways you can get some branding help. FB Groups, Clubhouse, TrueSelf Branding FB page, YouTube, on and on… I want you to succeed and have a really cool brand that is uniquely you.

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