Why in the heck do I need branding?

When you think of branding, you might just think of a “logo” but branding is a way of identifying your product or service or… you. Today whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, we all have a brand. If you don’t create it, one will get created for you, without your input or consent.

Branding yourself, your business or your personal mission is a modern way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is that makes you the better choice.

Branding creates a voice for you or your company that reflects your message. And here’s the important part, consistency! This brand, your brand, becomes the shorthand of what you stand for.

If all this branding stuff is overwhelming, but you know that you need it – knowing what steps to take next for your business should be a priority, then the TrueSelf Branding Day at The Addison is for you!

Postponed due to, YOU KNOW...

Once we’ve all got our footing and toliet paper restocked, we’ll set a new date between May-Sep. But you can still buy a ticket and promise yourself you will focus on your branding this season.

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What? Why? Where?

I want to empower YOU to create your own branding! Here is your TrueSelf Branding List so you can see where you are, and where you need to go with your brand.

What is the TrueSelf Branding List?  

I love lists so it was natural for me to create a list to help me see if I was defining my business in a way that was consistent and relevant to my clients. It shines a laser-focus light on what’s missing and gives me a worklist, which I love… I love lists! 

The TrueSelf Branding List has helped me:  

  • Make the jump from my long corporate career in the fashion industry where I learned the art of consistency in luxury branding to create a confidence and branding coaching consultancy for women entrepreneurs
  • Helped dozens of people confidently brand their businesses and follow through on consistancy. (I love it when a plan comes together!)

I am sharing the TrueSelf Branding List with you to help you advance your personal or business branding.  

Why? Because empowering more women to feel confident and proud of the brand they’ve created gives me fulfillment. Providing them with an easy list of tools so they can get to work and polish their big, beautiful brand! 

Check out the list yourself here: TrueSelf Branding List.

Where do you fit in? 

  • Do you have a stable business model but want to give it a new coat of paint? 
  • Is your “business model” currently a corporate career where you are not getting ahead?
  • Are you thinking about starting out fresh and new with a business or career? 
  • Do you want to start a business but have no idea where to start?
  • Are you jumping ship, moving from one industry to another? 
  • Is it a timing thing, creating your Act 2 or Act 3 of life with something new? 
  • Are you wearing a lot of hats, and need to streamline, refresh or update the branding? 

Are you wasting time, money, and energy trying to figure out what defines you and your business. We all get overwhelmed at some point. The trick is to keep forward motion. And, sometimes that’s incredibly difficult to do all on your own. 

What do we do on TrueSelf Branding Day?


We’ll discover: 

  • Your core MESSAGE your brand offers your clients
  • Your core STYLE your clients want to see
  • Your core MAGIC that is inside of everything you do. 

We just don’t celebrate ourselves for no reason, so here’s the reason, creation or refreshing of your brand. Any invitation to The Addison is a special treat, combining it with a new style of intimate relationship-building benefits body, mind, and soul. 

No one really likes networking events, even though I can be outgoing, I absolutely detest group exercises, pushing business cards into hands and standing in my stylish heels juggling my handbag and house wine in a plastic cup. This event is small and VIP only. There are no cheap seats. You get to dress up, and sit down! You can focus on your own ideas and business details. You will eat on china plates with glassware! Champagne! Yeah, you deserve a day like this. 

Branding Blueprint

To start our day, you will be greeted by white floor-length linens, the Club Patio set with lounge furniture and a Beverage Station in the foyer. A butler will pass Chilled Juice Shooters. Now let’s talk-


All the logical next steps for you to bloom your brand and create the style and voice that is uniquely you. We will detail how to:

  • Voice- Pick the voice that speaks your vision
  • Mission- What is the object or mission of your brand 
  • Colors- Learn about the meaning of colors and what represents your brand best
  • Logo-  All logos and brands evolve, don’t let this step block you!
  • Style Guide- Outline the function and aesthetics of all your brand components 
  • Social Media- Choosing which platform you and your clients use the most

Your brand says who you are, what you do...

Shouldn’t your BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY say the same thing?

Portrait Photographer, Andrea Blakesberg specializes in Brand Photography

  • Learn the importance of images that speak to your brand
  • Hear the top FIVE pics needed on every website!

In today’s highly visual world, social media and your website are big factors in communicating to your target audience. Join us at TRUESELF BRANDING DAY and hear from portrait photographer, Andrea Blakesberg as she shares some tried and true tips and tricks to get you started with your own images.

As a special gift, each TrueSelf Branding attendee receives a one on one image consult strategy session with Andrea Blakesberg Photography, to be scheduled at your convenience. (Value $450)

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