Everything has a Season

Can you feel it? It’s in the air, the seasons are beginning to change. Things are getting ripe from all the summer sun, ready to be enjoyed. Fall or Autumn, however, you like to say it is just around the corner.  It’s natural for things to have a cycle, all-natural things do. But before you think I am getting all woo-woo here. Even your branding has a season, a turning point, where things change and evolve.

When we started out in our entrepreneurial business, we all had a concept of what we ‘thought’ we would do. Maybe that was a year ago or 5 years ago, but things look quite different than they did when you started. Every invention builds on the invention before it, you will keep building on your brand. It is certain you will reach a turning point where you know it is time to make a change, update an idea, create a new branch or product. You will ripen with experience and knowledge, giving you the confidence to make new choices and choose new paths. One thing I know for sure, get off the highway, and take the path! The highway will always be there to go back to. But the adventure on the path will be worth it.

What season is your business in? Are you at a turning point? How can you tell, is there some kind of test? Why yes there is. How do you feel about your business, where are the places when pushed, that don’t feel so good? When you are introducing yourself and you’re just not sure what to say? You must be in a Spring season, at the start of your path, looking for more definition. How about when you need to direct someone to your website? And you think of all the excuses of why it is not expressing who you are right now… You are in the Summer season, planting and growing. Maybe you have spent a lot of time on social media and now you are reaping the benefits of having all that connection, you are in the Fall season. Maybe you are rethinking and organizing your brand, or even taking a rest from being burned out, then you are in the Winter season.

No season is right or wrong, it just is where you are right now, and it will evolve into the next season at some point, the turning point. Choose whatever path that will take you to the next season.

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