Why should you DIY?

You are not DIYing your brand because it is a hokey run-of-the-mill bro brand. You want it to look professional, polished, and pretty. Luck has it that you are either starting out or refreshing your brand. That equals a transition in your life, so no matter what kind of transition you are managing that is keeping you from hiring out all these tasks, the DIY Branding Course gives you the information at your fingertips. Whenever you are ready to tackle the next phase in your brand, this course is ready to guide you along the way. What you do know for sure is that you have a yearning to look professional in the fewest possible steps. Figuring it out alone can take huge amounts of time, trial, and error.

What DIY Means

I spent 30 years plus in the corporate world, when it was time for me to create my brand and strike out on my own I had to learn all the ins and outs of building websites, joining social media (yes it was that long ago) and creating content that would add value. I did that. On my own with the assistance of many coaches, courses, trial and error tribulations. I wanted to DIY myself because I am very hands-on with design, copy, and creation. Does that mean I like control over my own biz, well then yeah. I follow these super cute and rally clever British guys on Instagram. they are DIYing old castles and cottages, and in no way, are these DIY projects cheap or flimsy. They are perfect and detailed in every way…THAT is the DIY I am talking about. That is what I am doing here. Guiding you along the way to create or refurbish your brand into the shiny classic new brand that you only dream about.

How am I guiding you? The DIY Branding Course of course! Read all the details.

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