Twin Businesses? What Does That Mean?

Your business is really 2 businesses. Your actual biz and its twin. First, you have the business you love and want to do, you’re a photographer or a coach or an investment strategist. You have a thing you do that you really love. And that is what you are sure of. You are sure that you were put into the world to share this particular talent accompanied by your specific experience which has resulted in your beloved business. The only problem with that is… the flip side of your business. The business of the business sounds like a tongue twister I know but here’s the truth. You have to keep your 1st business alive and thriving with your 2nd business. What??? While you’re doing that thing that you are so good at, you have to survive as an actually functioning business. This is where we get into the weeds. You are particularly good at “the thing” you do but not so good at everything you need to do to create, promote and enhance the business you have.

This is where we talk about delegating.

I bet you are a perfectionist. You think, by the time I explain it to someone I could have just done it myself, moved on, and saved money. But you know deep down that ain’t right. Delegating seems to be a dirty word in the entrepreneurial circuit. I think the problem with delegating is that the reason it doesn’t work is that you are not clear about the task you are delegating. Ahhhh hit the nail on the head and that hurt!

-Getting clear about the task
-All the steps to the tasks
-Expectations of the task (biggie)
-Final result of the task

GAEF is not a very sexy acronym. Perhaps because it is so weird you’ll remember it? Think GAEF when you need to delegate. Define exactly what you need done and the result you ‘expect’, often we have a romanticized expectation that is far far far from the reality. Define the results, then create the steps to get those results, then delegate. This will make you and the delegatee more comfortable with the whole process! If you haven’t figured it out by now the business of your business is the TWIN!

Step 1 – Get a Brand Audit, this will give you a very clear picture of what needs delegating and what the specific task should be!

Step 2  – Still need help on how to delegate? Step 2 – Brand Strategy gets your GAEF in line!

My Favorite Twins!


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