The Icky Sticky

There are some marketing tasks that most people find icky. Yes, icky is a technical term. Without these specific icky ‘to-do’s” your beautiful website might as well be showing on a cave wall. There is so much coming at us all the time. But without these important, yet icky, to-do’s you will not be recognized, seen, or interacted with. Yeah, no I mean it. As they say…read ’em and weep.

  • ‘Do’ Social Media
  • Build Relationships
  • Write Blogs
  • Send Newsletters
  • Record Videos
  • Create Ads

Break It Down

Before you decide to run off and join a nunnery (do they still have those?) Let’s clarify the easiest way to manage each of these marketing tasks.

‘Do’ Social Media – show up consistently with something on a schedule you can adhere to. If it’s daily, bravo if it’s weekly, it is what it is, but BE CONSISTENT. If you like doing stories, be sure your stories are not empty. If you like posts then do a post. This is social AND visual. Imagine you are waving to a friend. If they can’t see you waving then they don’t know you are there.

Build Relationships – social means social, so interact with people. Like and save their stuff. Send DMs to get to know people, and remark about something on their last post. Do not try to sell them on your first DM.

Write Blogs – if you notice there is usually a matching blog to my emails so 2 birds 1 stone. Blogs are not useless, they have all this tricky SEO in the back end that organically helps your website. Blogs only need a minimum of 300 words so you are not writing *War & Peace (*1225 page book). Also, the blog URL can be used in FB, Insta, and LI and will auto-populate with an image and snippet.

Send Newsletters – even if it is 1x a quarter, you need to keep in contact with your email list. Email lists are super valuable. It is not outdated, give them some kind of news. These people are interested in what you have to say. Give them something extra…

Record Videos – whether you do voice-overs, reels, TikTok or live FB videos, if people can see you you will get more results. This has a learning curve, I suggest doing Instagram stories first because it is so easy. And they disappear in 24 hours so they don’t haunt the internet. This topic is obviously miles long, so there is your blurb.

Create Ads – if you are a little more advanced you can start to pay for ads. Pinterest is economical, the price goes up as well as the complexity of creating the ad on the other platforms. Honestly, I still haven’t figured it all out. Gone are the days of the $5 budget for a boosted post. Thanks Zuck.

Now What?

Alright, I’ve alerted you to the raw truth, but I will not leave you hanging. Icky no more! To relieve the icky list, get a Brand Audit, for a clear picture of what needs doing. If needed get a Brand Strategy session to work out your best strategy.

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