I thought there’d be zombies…

Just like we were promised flying cars, I thought the apocalypse would have zombies!

Instead, we are social distancing, eating everything in the fridge, freezer, and pantry and stalling in our creativity, which is kinda like zombies. What? You’re not? Bravo! For the rest of us, here is some news. Eventually, this will end. Good, bad or ugly it will end, life will resume, you will be 10# heavier, but everything will get back to some kind of normal.

I believe we will have learned some valuable lessons. How to make do with what you have. A lesson- forgotten by many of us in our ultra-comfortable lifestyle. We will have learned the value of community and who is really out there supporting us. And how we really kind of like being with people. It’s ok, you’re human. When life resumes, business, as usual, will be more important than ever. Be on the mark and ready for the wave of business that will come, which can be acted on by those who are working now for that moment. I am not stressing you out, I am reminding you that this is the perfect time to polish your brand and learn to work with the digital tools that will be utilized in the coming decade.

Do you remember feeling overwhelmed and wishing you could just make the world stop for a day, congratulations. Your request has been granted. The whole world is on pause. Now is the time to set up a schedule for yourself to include learning how to do:


Let’s talk about websites. Is your site current?

  • First, is it mobile compatible? Below is an example of a site where you enter your URL and it will show you how your site looks on several devices. It’s fully interactive, you can scroll and click. (click image to get to the site) and if your site is not mobile-friendly, it is a ZOMBIE!

  • When was the last blog you posted? Is that fresh and new?
  • Here’s an easy one, is all the info correct, emails, phone, address, etc? You’d be surprised how much info out there is dated. (Google secret: all info must be identical on all your web, social and google listings for Ms. Google to believe you are real.)
  • Services, are you listing your services, are you commerce compatible? People expect to buy things on your site, be ready for that!

That should keep you busy for a few days at least! Having an up-to-date usable web presence is super important when the only business is online! And you really don’t need any special tools. If you don’t know something, Google it. You’ll get tons of articles and videos explaining how. Maybe that will give you some inspiration to create a product that people could use right now.

Hidden in every catastrophe is some seed of new birth. Use your quarantine time wisely…get your ticket to TrueSelf Branding Day (oh yeah it WILL happen) or watch some classic zombies!

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